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Matt Damon admits he ‘had no idea’ photo of him with SuperValu bag ‘would be such a thing’

Matt Damon has admitted he “had no idea” a photo of him with a SuperValu bag “would be such a thing”.

The actor lived in Dalkey for months last year, after filming on his upcoming movie The Last Duel was shut down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During his time in Ireland, the Hollywood star was dubbed a “hero” after he was snapped holding a SuperValu bag at the Vico Baths.

During a new interview with the Irish Independent, Matt was asked about that photo of him carrying his swimming trunks in a SuperValu bag.

“I had no idea that would be such a thing,” he laughed. “But to be fair, where else do you shop in Dalkey?”

Speaking about his time in Ireland, the 50-year-old said: “It was unbelievably fortuitous, the way things worked out for my family because we ended up in Dalkey right as everything locked down, and by coincidence, my kids were with me.”

Credit: Euan Cherry/

“We took them out of school for six weeks, just so they could come over, so I did the beginning of the movie without them for a couple of weeks, then we had the six-week chunk where they were going to be there, and then I was gonna finish without them.”

“We had two travel teachers with us, so our travel teachers were in our little bubble, and we just kept them on. So my kids had what nobody else had, which was in-person instruction for the whole school year,” he explained.

“We got so lucky, and we really fell in love with it in Dalkey — what a part of the world that is, and the community just kind of absorbed us, it was really a bit like a fairytale.”

“So I had nothing to complain about, that first lockdown was fantastic.”


When asked if he knew how much his presence cheered Irish people up during lockdown, Matt replied: “Yeah, well that’s great…”

“But I feel like the ledger was uneven the other way, because I felt like we got everything out of it, we’re really grateful to have had that happen, it was just really good fortune for our family.”


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