Maia Dunphy slams anti-mask campaigners – following Grafton Street protest

Hundreds of protestors took over Grafton Street on Saturday afternoon


Maia Dunphy has slammed anti-mask campaigners, after they hosted another protest in Dublin’s city centre amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday, hundreds of anti-mask campaigners held a sit-down protest on Grafton Street, chanting “no more lockdown” and “no more masks”.

TV presenter and author Maia shared photos and videos of the protest on Twitter, and wrote: “Genuine question: what do these f**king halfwits want??”

“That we ignore it all, go back to normal, send our old and infirm to an early grave, and collapse our health service? Is that really their objective??”

In another tweet, Maya wrote: “Thinking about opening a new shop: ‘Les Chapeaux d’Aluminium’. Have always felt it unfair that conspiracy theorists are restricted to just one style of hat.”

“I shall bring them Fedoras, Sombreros and Panamas. Bonnets of tinfoil so exquisite, everyone will want one!”

In a third tweet, the mother-of-one said: “On a serious note; one of my neighbours works in a shop on Grafton Street.”

“I met him this evening, completely crestfallen that on a sunny Saturday when restrictions are bad enough already, these idiots scuppered their sales for the day. Did they even think about that?”

Maya later tweeted: “Oh if only someone had told me as a disillusioned 18 year old, that one day… ONE DAY… I might spend a Saturday night arguing with angry, misinformed strangers on the internet!”

“Signing off now folks. My son and I are staying up late to watch a film agus eat popcorn. Night.”

Gardaí have since said they will investigate the organisation of the protest.

In a statement, they said: “In supporting the Covid-19 public health guidelines and regulations, An Garda Síochána has and will continue to adopt a graduated policing response based on its tradition of policing by consent.”

“Where potential breaches of the public health regulations are identified, a file is submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions for a direction as to how to proceed.”

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