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Maia Dunphy opens about her pregnancy: 'It was AWFUL when I found out'


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TV star Maia Dunphy has admitted she was in complete shock when she found out she was pregnant.

The wife of comedian Johnny Vegas realised she was pregnant just one week after she finally moved in with her husband in London.

Opening up about the pregnancy shock, Maia admitted she thought it was awful at first.

“It was awful, it kind of felt like the end of something rather than the start of something,” she admitted.

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Shock: Maia wasn’t too happy about her baby news | VIPIRELAND.COM

“[But] the second I could start talking to people about it, it reminded me how joyful it actually is.

“The thing is, I’ve worked really hard in a tough business and I’ve built up a career that is going very well and the thought of taking time out of that made me feel a bit sick,” she explained.

Speaking to Tatler magazine the mum-to-be admitted that her career has stayed the exact same since announcing her baby news.

“When I announced [the pregnancy], I took meetings with RTE and no-one said: ‘Oh that’s it, you’re gone’.

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New family: Maia moved to London to be with Johnny | BRIAN MCEVOY

“I think for women we have to be more confident to walk into meetings and say; ‘Yeah, I’m pregnant so I can’t work this time and this time and I’ll need this time off but this is what I can do’, and actually have a bit of faith in our abilities and our talents and our experience.”

Meanwhile Maia admitted she won’t be staying at home with her baby.

“I do know myself very well at this stage and I know that being a stay-at-home mum wouldn’t suit my personality and that’s not in any way intended to be offensive to anyone who doesn’t stay at home, God, I respect them so much!”

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Working mum: Maia doesn’t want to stay at home | VIPIRELAND.COM

And the RTE star said she already knows this will be her first and last child.

“It’s just a gut feeling. We’ll see how I cope with the one,” she explained.

“People say I will change my mind, but I don’t know. I don’t believe that only children are a bad thing.”

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