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Lottie Ryan reveals she ‘cried’ when she was confirmed for Dancing With the Stars

"I was screaming and shouting and then I cried"


2FM entertainment presenter has revealed that she “cried” when she got the call confirming that she had been selected to participate in RTE’s Dancing With the Stars.

The entertainment reporter explained that she “lost her mind” when she found out the news.

Lottie told Ryan Tubridy on RTE’s Radio One this morning:

“I cried. I got the phone call when I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work and I lost my mind.”

“I was screaming and shouting and then I cried and I just looked over and there was somebody in a car – because I was in rush hour traffic – and they were looking over going ‘are you okay?'”

“I think they thought ‘Jesus that poor girl, something awful has happened to her.'”


To reassure her traffic companion, Lottie shot them thumbs up to confirm that she was crying happy tears.

“I gave them the thumbs up like ‘it’s good news!'”

Lottie also explained that she is not too worried about receiving judgement online during the show.


“I think I’m well used to turning a blind eye at inappropriate criticism. The only criticism I care about are the ones the judges are going to be giving,” she said.

“Constructive criticism I have 110% here for – that’s how you get better, it’s how you learn it’s how you grow.”

“I’m going to try and assume the best and hope that people won’t be men just for the sake of being mean.”

Gerry Ryan with daughters Lottie and Bonnie Ryan | VIPIRELAND.COM

The reported reiterated her excitement to star of the competitive show.

“It’s a process. I wanted to be a part of it for a long time, since this show started… Iv’e fallen in love with it,” Lottie revealed.

“It looks like so much fun, its such a huge show…when I found out that I had gotten it I lost my mind.”

The series will air on RTÉ One for 12 weeks from Sunday 5 January at 6.30pm.