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Lottie Ryan believes her newborn son is a ‘gift’ from late father Gerry

Lottie Ryan has admitted she believes her newborn son is a “gift” from her late father Gerry, who passed away back in 2010.

The radio presenter and her husband of four years, Fabio Aprile, welcomed their first child prematurely last month.

Their baby son, who they named Wolf, was born seven weeks early at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin.


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During an interview with RSVP Magazine, the new mum said: “I’m not a particularly religious person but there’s part of me that wonders how we got that lucky, and how did we get pregnant after just three weeks?”

“I feel like maybe it was a gift from dad and that they already met somewhere else.”

The 35-year-old also gushed about her husband Fabio, and how much he’s enjoying fatherhood.

“He’s been waiting years for this. So for him, he was just pure joy,” she said.

Lottie and Fabio | Patrick Bolger

“I mean, there was definitely still an element of disbelief, I think for the two of us.”

“We’ve both said on numerous occasions that until they handed the both of us the baby, we still kind of felt like it wasn’t real,” she confessed.

The RTÉ 2fm star is currently on maternity leave, but Lottie teased she’ll be back on the airwaves soon.

“I haven’t decided the exact dates yet but I don’t think I’ll be taking very long,” she added.


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