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Lorraine Keane has created a 'celebrity cookery show' and wants RTE to buy it


It’s been a long time since Lorraine Keane has fronted her own TV show, and now the presenter is pitching her own ideas.

The former Xpose host is trying to get back on the silver screen, and has created her own TV pilot called Sing For Your Supper.

“I’m pitching it for RTE and TV3, they both have an interest and Sky also said they’ll take a look at it so it’s great,” she said.

“I have lots of ideas for shows but this is the first time I’ve produced and presented one so I’m all-singing all-dancing with this one.

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“It’s like a celebrity/cookery challenge between Irish musicians and one professional chef,” she explained.

Apparently singers Sinead O’Connor and Imelda May have already said yes to the cookery show.

“The celebrities’ friends and families are then invited to taste both meals and have to decide who cooked the better meal so we have great fun doing it,” she told the Herald.

For the first show, Lorraine had TV chef Andrew Rudd and Irish musician Mundy on the pilot episode.