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Leaving it at pheasants: Rachel Allen too much of a 'wuss' to shoot her own turkey


TV chef Rachel Allen gave up on raising her own turkey for Christmas because she didn’t want to kill it.

The celebrity cook was engulfed in controversy after posing with a shot-gun and four dead pheasants on the bonnet of her car.

But Rachel – who is a big fan of knowing where her food comes from – was too much of a “wuss” to shoot a turkey.

Asked if she was raising her own bird, Rachel said: “I was going to do that last year but then I thought no, the children won’t like it because they love our hens so much.

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“I’m a bit of a wuss and I don’t know if I’d be able to [kill it] myself. If you’re prepared to eat meat, you should be prepared to understand the process but I won’t be shooting my own turkey.”

Meanwhile, Rachel revealed she’s working on another TV series for RTE next year.

She told the Herald: “I’ll be filming a new programme as well, there isn’t an exact theme for it but I will be travelling around Ireland which I’m really happy about.

“I love getting to travel and getting to meet people while they’re cooking rather than just being in the kitchen and looking at the camera.”