Karen Koster reveals her most embarrassing moments from Xposé and Ireland AM

The mother-of-three has been working as a presenter for 15 years

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Karen Koster has revealed her most embarrassing moments as a presenter on Xposé and Ireland AM.

The 38-year-old presenter admitted she has had many embarrassing moments over the last 15 years while working as a presenter for TV3, which is now Virgin Media Television.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, Karen revealed she had a very awkward interview with Bruce Willis.

“Over the last 15 years in Virgin Media between Xposé and Ireland AM, I’ve had a tonne,” she told the publication, when they asked her about moments that left her red-faced.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

“I pole danced, which was mortifying; I have tried to recreate the scene in Big where Tom Hanks runs along with a piano; I’ve worn a tutu; I skydived.”

“I’ve done interviews where Bruce Willis has basically gone mute and not answered any of my questions. I’ve had loads,” she said.

Karen said that while some moments were on live TV, she is lucky that she could edit the pre-recorded pieces.

“Some on live TV, but some pre-recorded so I had the luxury of editing, but I’ve had a lot over the years.”


The mother-of-three also revealed that Holly Willoughby is her broadcasting hero.

“She’s a mum-of-three like myself, and she’s on a morning show.”

“She doesn’t pretend to know everything, keeps her interviews really human and I think the way she’s able to keep up the big gigs and juggle three kids – obviously she has the right childcare in place – but I do look to her and go, okay – try keep the show on the road,” she explained, before adding, “She’s a role model.”

Blonde beauty Karen presented Xposé for 12 years, before leaving to work on Ireland AM.