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Jennifer Zamparelli DELETES her Twitter: ‘It wasn’t bringing me any joy’

The Irish presenter opened up about her decision to quit the social media platform

Kieran Harnett

Jennifer Zamparelli has deleted her Twitter account, admitting it wasn’t bringing her “any joy”.

The popular presenter, who returned to her RTÉ 2FM show this morning following a two-week break, sent out a tweet revealing she would be leaving the social media platform.

The 40-year-old wrote: “If anyone is looking for me you can find me on insta @jenzamparelli .. bye bye now take care,” before deleting her account.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie about her decision to quit the site, Jennifer revealed: “I’m taking the time to eliminate things or platforms that don’t bring me any joy and has the ability to change my mood.”

“Also means less opportunity to scroll aimlessly. I’m trying to avoid doom scrolling and I figured getting off Twitter would help massively.

“Trying to stay informed but not consumed,” she added.

Jennifer’s earlier tweet sparked concern with her followers, with some replying asking if she was okay.

The mother-of-three assured Goss.ie that she was “totally fine”.

The news comes after Jennifer revealed she was taking a break at the start of the month following a “mental” 2020.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, the comedian said: “I never normally take that amount of time off but I just feel I need it after the year.”

“I’ve turned down a couple of gigs because I just feel I want to be with my family and I just so I am looking forward to the break.

“I’m not going anywhere, I’m just going to decompress 2020 because it has been mental,” she added.

“I’ve learned a lot this year, so that has been important to keep a level head. There weren’t a lot of gigs this year, or a lot of things happening, but I suppose balance is very important.

“A couple of years ago I would have said yes to everything and would have been running around like a blue arse fly and I would have been afraid to say no to do things, because there is always the fear you wouldn’t be asked again.

“But I always just ask myself now, ‘at what cost?’”, the Dublin native admitted.

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