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Jamie Dornan admits he was stunned by ‘harsh’ Wild Mountain Thyme criticism

The film is scheduled for release in Ireland on January 8th

Wild Mountain Thyme

Jamie Dornan has admitted he was stunned by the “harsh” criticism towards his upcoming film Wild Mountain Thyme.

The Irish actor stars alongside Emily Blunt and Christopher Walken in the romantic comedy, which is based on John Patrick Shanley’s play ‘Outside Mullingar’.

After the trailer for the film was released, people slammed the stars dodgy Irish accents, with Jamie admitting he was taken aback by the backlash.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, the 38-year-old said: “I was a bit stunned by how harsh the criticism has been in Ireland, given that most people haven’t seen it.”

Wild Mountain Thyme

“But we Irish are a nation of pi**-takers and I’m totally accepting of the slagging we’ve been getting. It comes with the territory.

“The author John Patrick Shanley who’s father is from Mullingar said that if he put in actors who sounded like his own family, no one would understand it,” he explained.

Emily stars as Rosemary Muldoon, who falls in love with Jamie’s character Anthony Reilly before they get caught up in a dispute over farmland.

Wild Mountain Thyme

“John Patrick Shanley writes very poetically and some of the lines spoken by Anthony and Rosemary are spoken in verse, which is very unusual.

“I’ve admired his work for a long time and as well, I never turn down an opportunity to work in Ireland if I can.

“I’d never spent time in Mayo, where we filmed although my dad has a place in Connemara, with which I’m a bit more familiar.”

Wild Mountain Thyme

Jamie’s wife Amelia Warner scored the music for the film, with the proud husband gushing: “Her work is so beautiful and I love watching her at work.

“I felt sorry for her that she was looking at my face on the screen all day and then had to deal with me again in real life at night.

“But I’d love to work with her again and there’s a chance we might,” he teased.

Jamie and Amelia tied the knot in 2013, and share three children together – Dulcie (7), Elva (4) and Alberta (1).

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