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Instagram star Rachel Gorry admits she took social media break after receiving cruel message from troll

Rachel Gorry has admitted that she took a social media break after receiving a cruel message from a troll.

It’s been a tough year for the mum-of-three, who devastatingly lost her husband Daniel to Stage 4 cancer back in April.

The Irish influencer often uses her social media platform to bravely document her grieving process, chatting honestly with her 189k Instagram followers about how she is coping.

While doing a Q&A on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, many followers were curious to know how Rachel was doing, noting her absence in recent days – which led her to open up about the heartbreaking reason she took a break.

“If I am being brutally honest, I’m not great, I’m not doing good,” she admitted.

“I got a message a little while ago, and it’s made me not want to come on for the chats anymore. It’s not my first time to get trolled, I’ve been trolled before. It’s to be expected.

“I still don’t feel like it’s okay, I still don’t think that just because I’m on Instagram that it’s okay to send horrible messages, but I suppose it comes with it.

“This one in particular hit me hard… the message that I got was ‘I’m delighted that your husband is dead and you should go kill yourself.'”

Rachel and her husband Daniel

“That hit hard. That was horrible to read. I wasn’t having the best day when I read it, which obviously then made it worse. So it made me not want to come on.”


Rachel explained that the message came from a fake account, and that she was still being watched from the real account of the person who sent the message.

“It’s just not a nice feeling to know that someone can hate you that much to say that to you, but is still watching you.

“When I got that message, I panicked and I deleted it without blocking the account, so I couldn’t find the actual account to block. So I knew there was another message coming for me.”


“I had been off Instagram for a couple of days, and then they messaged me again. I nearly felt sick going into that message, but it said: ‘Yeah that’s right, stay the f**k off Instagram.’

“I thought, ‘Why am I letting this person dictate what I do and whether I come on or not?’… The problem lies with them and not me.

“I feel bad for my followers who love when I come on for the chats, but now I’m not wanting to expose myself and not wanting to talk about my grief or Daniel again because people can be so nasty.

“I’m only human and it hurts,” Rachel admitted, before promising to be more active and encouraging those who do not like her content to unfollow her.



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