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Greg O’Shea admits he REGRETS ending his romance with Amber Gill so soon after winning Love Island

Greg O’Shea has admitted he “regrets” ending his romance with Amber Gill so soon after winning Love Island.

The Limerick native won the popular dating show with the Newcastle babe back in 2019, and the couple split the £50k cash prize between them.

But just five weeks later, the pair called it quits just days before they were set to appear on The Late Late Show together.

Amber won Love Island with Irish star Greg O’Shea

At the time, Amber accused Greg of breaking up with her over text, which he firmly denied.

After the news of their split broke, #UnfollowGreg started trending on Twitter, and over half a million people unfollowed the rugby player on social media.

Greg was also inundated with death threats, and his friends and family were sent abusive messages too.

Speaking on Doireann Garrihy’s The Laughs Of Your Life podcast this week, Greg was asked if he had any regrets about his Love Island experience.

Greg confessed: “I’d love to say ‘no regrets’ but there probably is one. I should have bit my tongue a bit longer and stayed in the relationship with Amber a bit longer.”

“I was just way too honest and way too focused about going to the Olympics at the time, which worked because I did go in hindsight.”

“But when she posed the question to me being like ‘you’re obviously gonna ask me to be your girlfriend, are you?’ I was like ‘but sure how is this gonna work? I’m trying to train to go to the Olympics, you’re in the UK, you’re the ‘it’ girl, everyone wants a bit of you,’ I was like ‘this isn’t going to work.'”

“I was just way too honest, too early,” he admitted.


“Honestly like, why didn’t I just go ‘aw yeah, come on over, we’ll do The Late Late Show, and then afterwards when we’re together we can have that conversation.’

“But stupid Greg just decided to answer honestly over FaceTime like, and that’s when the whole ‘Greg breaks up with Amber over text’ thing comes out,” he explained.

“Over in the UK I’m just branded as like, ‘Oh you’re Greg the guy that broke up with Amber over text.'”

“And I’m just like, ‘It wasn’t over text… It was over FaceTime… And we didn’t break up because we weren’t going out… We were dating for two weeks.'”


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“Like I still lose a thousand followers a day Doireann,” he revealed. “It’s madness.”

“And there’s no one I can talk to about it, because no one understands it. And I’m just like yeah another day, oh refresh, lose a thousand followers.”

During the same interview, Greg revealed he secretly struggled with his mental health after Love Island, which got “overwhelming” at one stage.

The 27-year-old shot to fame when he won the popular dating show with Amber in 2019, but returned to life as a professional rugby player once he left the villa.

Greg went on to represent Ireland at the Tokyo Olympics as part of the Irish rugby sevens team last year, but months later, the Limerick native announced his retirement from the sport.

After this, Greg’s mental health plummeted as he found himself alone in London with no career prospects.

Greg recalled: “I remember one time I was back in Dublin and I was driving around and it got really, really bad.”

“It got overwhelming at one stage, I was behind the wheel of the car and I was like, ‘alright this is going one of two ways’.

“I don’t want to get too dark on the podcast but it was basically a decision of, alright, either this is all over, or bring yourself to the doctor right now. And thank God I did, I drove myself to the doctor and I said ‘I need to speak to someone right now’.

“They helped me thank God. And not getting into too much detail but I had to go on pretty heavy medication and that didn’t even work, they had to double the medication and it get really, really bad for a few months,” Greg explained.

“All this time no one knew, my best friend who I live with didn’t know. I told my mom but no one else knew.”

An emotional Greg said he eventually came to the realisation that nobody was going to change his life but him, and recalled being inspired by Doireann’s life motto that ‘no one gives a f**k about you’.


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The Limerick native recalled: “I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and I started writing down the things I cared about, my family, my friends, fitness, presenting…”

“I decided those were my pillars, I’m going to surround myself with my family and friends, I’m going to try my best to do some presenting and hosting, and I’m also going to create a fitness app… and I’m just going to go hell for leather.”

“I literally started ringing people and was like ‘give me a shot, any chance’. One or two started cracking the door open for me and I just burst through it…”

Greg said “eventually the work started coming through”, and earlier this year he made the conscious decision to take himself off the medication he was put on.

“I got them and threw them in the bin and I just went for it,” he added.

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