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Graham Norton reveals he was STABBED and left for dead

The presenter recalled the scary incident


Graham Norton has revealed that he was stabbed and left for dead in a horrific incident.

The popular TV presenter has recalled the violent attack from 1989 when he was a college student.

Speaking to The Mirror Graham revealed that he nearly died after the violent attack, admitting that it was very “touch and go”.


Graham explained that he was attacked twice by someone with a knife while he was still attending drama school.

“I did have someone pull a knife on me again a few years after the first stabbing but there were people around and it was fine, it was outside a club.”

Graham was speaking about the rise in knife crime in the UK.

“Somebody wanted money and had a knife. And what’s so sad about the knife crime now is that everyone is a victim in the end,” he said.


“Because people are losing their lives and equally the kids stabbing people, their life is destroyed for nothing, for this stupid thing because they couldn’t get their heads around the consequences.”

Graham previously wrote about the original attack in a piece for The Telegraph.

“In 1989 I was mugged, beaten and stabbed by a group of boys, who left me for dead.

“To add insult to injury, not only did I lose half my blood but I lost my boyfriend too: he dumped me the next day, which wasn’t the most tactful piece of timing,” he said at the time.