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Grace Mongey opens up about her ‘scary’ labour experience – after welcoming her second child

The blogger is taking a break from social media


Grace Mongey has opened up about her “scary” labour experience – after welcoming her second child.

The top blogger and her fiancé Chris Gernon welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Hayden, on Saturday.

Grace was overdue, so she had to be induced at the Coombe Maternity Hospital, but her delivery didn’t exactly go according to plan.

Taking to her Instagram Story this morning, Grace told her followers: “I thought I would quickly come on and talk about labour, because I am going to be taking a couple of weeks offline just to enjoy the baby bubble, and just spend time with Sienna and Hayden and Chris before he goes back to work.”


“So I thought I’d come on now and just share quickly what happened in labour, because it was a bit of fright, but we got there in the end.”

Grace explained that “everything was fine” and she had her epidural, but when it came time to push – her baby wasn’t coming down, and they decided to bring her down to theatre for a c-section – which caused her to get upset, because it wasn’t what she had planned.

She explained: “So we got rushed down to theatre, there was about 15 staff in there, and Chris was told to stay outside which freaked me out even more that he wasn’t there.”

“I was contracting the whole way down, it was horrendous pain by this stage because I hadn’t had my little clicker to give myself more epidural. So by the time I got down there I was fully freaked.”


After examining her, the doctors said initially they were going to try the forceps, but he was too high up so they decided to use the suction.

Grace said: “And thankfully his head came out, and then I gave birth.”

Recalling the moment she delivered her baby boy, Grace held back tears as she explained: “But when he came out, he was completely stunned, and didn’t cry, and they just didn’t even tell me sex, they just whipped him away and started working away on him.”

“But thankfully after about five minutes, which felt like the longest five minutes I’ve ever felt in my life, he started to make noises, and then he started to cry, which was amazing. Because you just expect to hear a cry the first time the baby comes out.”


“So then they brought him over to me and he looked perfect and he was all crying and happy, and that was lovely,” she said. “And then they had to obviously take him away to check his oxygen levels, so they took him away to the baby unit for an hour, me and Chris were not the better of it.”

“We went down to recovery and had our tea and toast and he was in with us by the hour. I had an amazing midwife Sarah-Jane, she was so lovely, and another trainee Darragh and they were just so, so lovely and they held my hand, kept me in the loop, Sarah-Jane came to visit me the next day, it was just amazing.”

Concluding her labour chat, Grace said: “So that is my labour experience, second time around. I think I was in recovery and Chris was like, ‘We are never doing this again,’ so he’s happy now he has his boy and his girl and so am I.”

“The whole experience was amazing, apart from the final hour, which was a little bit scary,” she added.