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EXCLUSIVE! RTE weatherwoman Nuala Carey admits: 'I could never front a fashion show'

Nuala Carey has revealed that while she may love fashion – we’re not going to see her front a style show any time soon.

The TV star told that she loves getting the chance to pick her own clothes for the small screen – but admitted she doesn’t have the skills to front a fashion show.

“It’s more about fun for me. I’m very happy with the weather and lotto, but I enjoy fashion for what it is,” she admitted.

2FM broadcasts live from Brown Thomas

TV: Nuala has no plans to get into fashion | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I pick my own clothes for TV and I get a little enjoyment out of that, but I wouldn’t claim to know everything about fashion so I wouldn’t necessarily front a show on it.”

Speaking at Ladies Day at the RDS horse show, Nuala revealed what she wants to see from the Best Dressed winner.

“I’ve judged a few best dressed events so I’m always interested in fashion. I like colour and I like a woman to look confident in what she’s wearing,” she said.


Confidence: Nuala thinks confidence is just as important as what you’re wearing

“It’s as much about her posture and how she carries herself as much as the actual outfit. I like a headpiece that doesn’t over shadow somebody at the same time.

“I would always prefer something smaller in a headpiece rather than larger.”

The presenter also admitted her job as judge could be pretty difficult since she hasn’t spotted a single fashion faux pas.

“You never really get fashion faux pas, if you did it would make life easier.”


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