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EXCLUSIVE! Maria Walsh SLAMS that Michaella McCollum interview

Maria Walsh has slammed that Michaella McCollum interview that was aired on RTÉ on Sunday night.

At the launch of Vodafone Ireland’s national network upgrade, the TV presenter admitted that she thought the questions weren’t hard hitting enough – and revealed that she’s personally been pushed a lot more on things like her sexuality in interviews.

“I just think when you’re in the public profile – I mean I’m always asked questions from A-Z about my sexuality, my religious beliefs and I’m pushed on them, and I’m pushed quite hard on it,” she told


Slammed: Maria spoke to at a photocall for Vodafone Ireland’s national network upgrade

“And I thought for someone who was moving drugs, she seemed to not have to answer as hard questions. It was more of an observation more so than single pointing,” she explained.

From her own practical experience being a presenter, Maria admitted that had she been the interviewer – she would have done things differently.

“I just wish from, I guess simply because I’m trying to learn to become a good presenter, I just wish there was more meat to it, rather than soft.


Not impressed: Maria revealed she would have asked tougher questions

“I would have asked more to-the-point questions. You know like a lot of her answers were a little bit easy, a little bit too.. dare I say, learnt,” she revealed to

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