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EXCLUSIVE! Lisa Cannon reveals she’s writing a book

The Box Office host is adding 'book author' to her list of achievements


Lisa Cannon has revealed that she’s writing her own book.

The TV3 star was speaking to Goss.ie at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards when she told us that she’s adding author to her list of achievements.

While the former Xposé host is used to interviewing celebs on camera for her show Box Office, Lisa is putting pen to paper to write her own lifestyle book.

“I’m writing a book at the moment, so I’m really busy,” she said.

Picture: Brian McEvoy

As for what the book will feature, Lisa told Goss.ie, “A lot of affirmations, I’ve been reading a lot about Oprah, listening to a lot of podcasts with Oprah.”

“It’s about lifestyle and life and good karma coming people’s way, so yeah it’s a good one.”

The brunette beauty also revealed her excitement when asked about her former Xposé pal Glenda Gilson’s recent pregnancy news.