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EXCLUSIVE! Kian Egan reveals whether he and Jodi Albert will add to their brood after third child


Kian Egan has revealed whether he and his wife Jodi Albert will add to their brood after their third child.

Jodi is currently expecting their third baby, and the happy couple are already parents to two boys, Koa and Zeke.

Speaking to Goss.ie at the launch of Coca Cola’s Clean Coasts Week, Kian admitted that they wouldn’t rule out having more children in the future.

“One at a time, we’ll see what happens with this one, we will see how it goes. We are still young enough to have more I suppose, but that’s not to say we will or won’t.”

Expecting: Jodi is pregnant with their third child | INSTAGRAM

“Circumstances change so much in our lives… I could be sitting here in two years time with 3 more, who knows,” he explained.

The former Westlife star also gave an update on Jodi, saying, “She’s doing great. She’s got a nice football sized bump at this stage already. It hasn’t been too difficult, the first trimester is always the hardest – well the first and the last.

“She’s at the middle stage where everything is going okay. The baby is starting to move an awful lot now so she’s starting to feel like ‘wow whats going on inside me’, I can only imagine how trippy that is for her but we all get to feel it too so its quite cool,” he gushed.

Kian also revealed that his two boys, Koa and Zeke, can’t wait for their new sibling’s arrival.

“The boys are excited, the 5-year-old Koa can’t believe there is another one on the way. He’s got a 2-year-old little brother Zekey and the two of them together are just hilarious, so funny and so cute. They love playing and wrestling.

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“We think a 3rd kid will add to the fun. Zekey is only two-years-old, so lets be honest he doesn’t have a clue whats going on, he knows there’s something in there, he just doesn’t know what it is. He gets involved in feeling the baby kick but I don’t think he really knows whats going on,” he explained.

It’s been about 20 years since Westlife was formed, and with the news that Boyzone are set to reunite for their 25th anniversary – Kian revealed whether Westlife will¬†follow suit.

“There’s no talk or discussion, there’s no nothing. Its all very settled at the minute. Were all doing our own thing and living our own lives. We’re still friends and in contact and all chatting to each other. It’s in the same place as it was 2 or 3 years ago so there’s no talk about it at the minute,” he said.

Passion: Kian was speaking at the launch of the Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week | INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Kian was speaking at the launch of the Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week, which aims to educate, and foster pride in our precious coastline, while empowering community groups across the country to get involved in one of the hundreds of coastal clean-ups and events taking place.

There are 26,000 volunteers, over 700 volunteer groups and 300 events already planned for Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week.  There are many ways to get involved, from taking personal litter home to helping out at a local beach clean event, or becoming more informed at one of the many educational events held around the country. Information of key events can be found on www.cleancoasts.org and www.liveherelovehere.org .

Watch Kian’s interview at the end of #TheDailyGoss below: