Daniel O’Donnell on working with Dermot Bannon: ‘We haven’t killed him yet’

The singer and his wife will be homeless this Christmas - thanks to the TV architect


Daniel O’Donnell has revealed that he and his wife Majella will be homeless this Christmas, thanks to TV architect Dermot Bannon.

The couple have hired Dermot to renovate their Donegal home as part of the upcoming series of RTE’s Room To Improve – but their new and improved home won’t be finished until February.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Daniel said, “We’ll spend Christmas with Siobhan and her husband and their daughter Olivia in Banbridge.”

“We’re having the house renovated with Dermot [Bannon] and it’s out of bounds. It’s a bit of a building site but it’s going ok. We haven’t killed him yet and he hasn’t killed us.”


“We’re very sure of what we want and he’s trying to tell us what we should have. He has great ideas, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out.

“We didn’t change the size of the house at all. There was an extension on the plans and we just said we didn’t need an extension, the house is big enough. We had four bedrooms and we still have four bedrooms, but two of the bedrooms are not where they were.

“We’re hoping to do the reveal show at the beginning of February. We were supposed to be in for Christmas, initially that’s what they spoke about but we thought that was a bit ambitious anyway. It doesn’t matter for us really.

“We’re staying with Majella’s mother at the moment and sure we have plenty of places to go,” he continued.