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Conor McGregor says he’ll ‘dust off and be back again’ after Dustin Porier fight

The pair fought it out in Abu Dhabi


Conor McGregor has said he will be back, after fighting Dustin Porier for the second time.

The MMA star fought the US fighter on UFC’s Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

Dustin won the bought in the second round. Speaking right after the fight Conor said he would “dust off” and get back to training for the next bout.

“Dustin is some fighter. I have to dust it off and come back and that is what I will do,” the Dublin star said.

“I’m gutted to be honest… I put so much work in. It’s a tough one to swallow. But we’ll get to go again and that’s it,” he admitted.

The father-of-two then added he would spend the day with his love Dee Devlin and their two children before getting back to work.

Dustin already teased a third fight, telling the crowds

“Were one and one, we have to do it again.”

Conor had offered to donate $500,000 to Dustin’s charity The Good Fight, a donation which was made before the bout took place.

Celebs all over the world tuner in for the bout, including Niall Horan, Rory McIlroy and Zayn Malik, all sharing their support via twitter

It was the first time Conor, 32, had returned to the Octagan since knocking out Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds last year in Las Vegas.

The bout was attended by an estimated 1,000 people, after strict COVID-19 measures were put in place.

Conor had first beaten Dustin in 2014.