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Bláthnaid Treacy shares heartbreaking post following the death of her sister-in-law

The TV presenter lost her sister-in-law just days before Christmas


Bláthnaid Treacy has shared a heartbreaking post following the death of her sister-in-law, Claire.

The presenter’s husband Charlie Moon sadly lost his sister just a few days before Christmas this year, leaving him and his family devastated.

One week after Claire’s passing, Bláthnaid posted a photo of her and Charlie on Instagram, which was taken on Christmas morning.

She captioned the post: “Thinking of every family that had an empty seat at the table this year. @charliemoon.music I’m blown away by the strength you and your family has shown this week.”

“You, Jake and Daryl shouldn’t have had to say goodbye to your sister so soon, but you did with such grace and beauty.”

Paying tribute to Claire’s daughter Ellie, Bláthnaid wrote: “Ellie you’ve taken all of your mums best bits and multiplied them by 100…you are without a doubt the strongest person I’ve ever met, you’ve an amazing future ahead.”

“Maria your daughter is safe with your mum now and I’m so sorry this happened, it’s not fair and still doesn’t seem real. You’ve done Claire so proud. You spoke and sang so beautifully, I am in awe of you,” she continued.

“Mark you are a superhero, quietly working in the background, keeping the show on the road. I’m so thankful for you and everything you do.”

Bláthnaid added: “To the friends and family that left food, candles and flowers on the doorstep, texted and called, to Kevin and Clare who filled the fridge with food and put a bag of presents under the tree so we’d have something to open on Christmas morning even though you were suffering the loss of your niece, ‘thank you’ doesn’t cut it.”

“We couldn’t have made it through the week without all of you, your help and messages of kindness.”

“This is a picture of us on Christmas morning putting on a brave face, only possible because of the support received.”

The news comes after Bláthnaid and Charlie recently celebrated becoming homeowners, one year after they tied the knot in June 2019.

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