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Blathnaid Treacy opens up about dealing with anxiety and panic attacks

“It’s a huge problem with my generation"

Pic Brian McEvoy

Leading Irish TV presenter Blathnaid Treacy has opened up about her struggle with anxiety.

The media personality shared her experiences as an ambassador for Walk in my Shoes, a charity which recently launched Ireland’s first mental health school portal.

Blathnaid told the Irish Mirror: “My own anxiety was triggered from stress and working too much and not knowing when to say no.”

Blathnaid Treacy | Brian McEvoy Photography

“It’s a huge problem with my generation and anyone who experienced the recession and trauma of there not being very much work out there.”

“I had that mentality for a good five years, I still do a little bit but I was painting myself too thin.”

“All the stress built up and it would manifest in panic attacks, I was struggling with them for a few years.”

Pic Brian McEvoy

Describing her panic attacks, she said: “I’d have a panic attack once every two years, it’s stress building up, generally I’d have them at home in private as you could feel them coming on.”

“I did start to learn how to get control over them and not feel I’d get to a point where I’m going to explode.”

“It was almost there was like another voice in my head saying relax, I still feel stressed but don’t let myself get overwhelmed.”

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