Michael Fassbender ‘placed under gypsy curse’ for his new film

The actor stars as a traveller in Trespass Against Us


Michael Fassbender has apparently been placed under a gypsy curse because of his new film.

The Kerry man stars in Trespass Against Us, a film about a traveller man who attempts to break away from the family’s criminal streak to make a life of his own.

The movie has supposedly angered the traveller community – and it’s not only the X-Men star they have targeted.


Cursed: Michael and Brendan have supposedly been cursed by the traveller community | FILM 4

Brendan Gleeson, who stars as Michael’s father, and director Adam Smith have also been placed under the hex, according to The Sun.

The community is supposedly upset by the film because they were not approached by the film’s makers for any guidance in making the film and their decision not to employ any traveller actors in the production.

“The curse placed on the film\s two main actors and director can have serious consequences both for them and the people close to them,” Dennis Ward, a member of the community, told the publication.

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Hex: A member of the community warned that a gypsy curse can have serious effects on everyday life | VIPIRELAND.COM

“The fact is that they have failed to respond to requests for interviews about the movie from travellers themselves.

“This places them in a very serious situation where it has gone to the stage where a curse has been placed on them.

“The curse can affect the everyday life of the person on which it is placed in mental and psychological ways.”