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WATCH: Khloe Kardashian confronts Kris Jenner for being a ‘liar’

"She potentially could've put me in harm's way"


Khloe Kardashian has confronted momager Kris Jenner after a section of ex-husband Lamar Odom’s memoir brought back an upsetting memory.

One morning in August 2015, Khloe was greeted by her then husband outside a SoulCycle gym in Beverly Hills.

Khloe had filed for divorce from the athlete, and was upset and surprised to see him outside her 6am class amid his battle with drugs and alcohol.

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Khloe often wondered if he had been tipped off to her location by someone she knew – and suspected her mum Kris.

“Khloe blames me, thinking that I told Lamar where she was going to be,” Kris said in last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“And that never happened.”

However, Lamar’s Darkness Into Light memoir suggests differently.

“I found out that mom’s lying to me,” Khloe told Kim on the episode. “This SoulCycle thing is all a lie.”

“The only reason why I feel like my mom did disclose my whereabouts is because, how would he know where I was going at 5:30 in the morning?”

“And I think she just kind of retreated and got nervous to admit that she potentially could’ve put me in harm’s way. So she’s just denying it,” Khloe said, explaining that Kris may not have known about Lamar’s issues at the time.

Khloe confronted her mum on the show, after realizing Kris was avoiding her.

Kris continued to deny that she had anything to do with Lamar’s appearance at the class, saying: “Deny until I die.”

Following the launch of his memoir, Lamar admitted to media that he owed Khloe and her family so much for supporting him through his most difficult days.

“I love him and I have so much respect for him and I only want beautiful things to come his way,” Khloe said.

“But you know, the past is the past for a reason sometimes.”

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