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Tina Fey’s ‘fiancée’ prank on Jake Gyllenhaal was a Tony Awards highlight

Tina Fey fulled a hilarious prank on actor Jake Gyllenhaal at last night’s Tony Awards.

Tina and Jake were presenting the first award of the night, and Tina rigged Jake’s teleprompter to read something unexpected.

Taking the stage after host James Corden performed an iconic musical monologue and Broadway tribute, the pair set the scene for the first award of the night.


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“We are here to present the first award of the night, Worst Actor in a Musical,” Fey began.

“I’m sorry, I read that wrong,” she joked, to laughter from the crowd.

Jake then took the reigns, and made an unexpected announcement thanks to Tina’s prank.


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“All kidding aside, my fiancee and I- ” and nodding toward Fey.

He then realised what he had said, and looked around in confusion at the audience.

“We’re here to present the award for Best Featured Actress in a Play,” he finished correctly.

Jake then took to his Instagram story to introduce Tina to the world as his finacee.


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