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Miles Teller reveals Nicole Kidman wouldn’t talk to him on set

It was his very first film


Miles Teller has opened up about his first time working with Australian actress and producer Nicole Kidman – and said that it was a “horrible” experience.

The Whiplash star recalled his time on his first real film set, and how Nicole refused to talk to him.

Miles, 30, starred opposite Nicole in his first feature film Rabbit Hole in 2010.

The movie centered around the life of a young couple whose world is turned upside down when their son dies in an accident.

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Miles said that their characters hated each other in the film and so, Nicole wanted to reflect the fractured relationship of screen as well.

“Nicole had an idea that she wanted us to develop a kind of relationship as our characters did,” Miles told The Daily Telegraph Australia.

“So at the beginning she didn’t talk to me at all, then as we did our first scene, then she talked to me a little more and then by the end of it we would talk in between.

“She said ‘Oh Miles, you did such a wonderful job and I am sorry I had to do that to you, especially seeing as it was your first movie, but I thought it was important to go through that on camera’,” he added.

Miles admitted it was a good idea at the time, but a “horrible” experience.