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Lamar Odom opens up about “doing coke every day” and being caught cheating by Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom is opening up about his struggle with drug addiction.

The former NBA star revealed he was taking cocaine “every day” before collapsing at a Nevada brothel in October 2015.

In an essay for The Players’ Tribune, Lamar recalled waking up from a coma in hospital and being unable to speak or move, with Khloe Kardashian at his bedside.


“I was trapped inside my own body. My throat hurt like hell. I looked down and I had all these tubes coming out of my mouth. So I panicked,” he remembered.

“My ex-wife was there in the room with me. After all the s**t I had done, I was surprised to see her. Honestly, that’s when I knew that I was probably in bad shape.”

Exes: Lamar Odom recalls Khloe Kardashian catching him cheating and doing drugs in a new essay | Instagram


While he is sober now, Lamar admits, “At that point in my life, I was doing coke every day. Pretty much every second of free time that I had, I was doing coke. I couldn’t control it.”

He added: “One of the darkest places I’ve ever been was when I was in a motel room, getting high with this chick, and my wife (at the time) walked in. That probably was like rock bottom.”

The basketball player also quoted Rick James, writing, “‘Cocaine is a hell of a drug.’ It’s a hell of a drug. It will make you do things you never thought you’d do.

“It will turn you into a different person. It will put you in situations where you say to yourself, ‘How the f**k did I get here?'”

Sober: The former NBA star is now clean, but opened up about his cocaine addiction | Instagram

Lamar confesses that he tried cocaine for the first time on a whim during a trip to Miami, and after his grandmother died it turned into a habit that became an addiction.

The star explained that his relationship with drugs has been a vicious circle, and he fights addiction every day.

“Anybody who’s lived a complicated, drug-infused life like I’ve lived knows the cycle — with women, cheating on my wife, s**t like that,” he shared.

“Nights when I should have been asleep. Nights when I stayed up sniffing coke. LOT of those nights. When your heart is beating fast. When you should know better. When you’re just riding that roller coaster, man.”

The essay comes after Lamar confirmed he is writing a tell-all book, with rumours it could fetch up to $10million.

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