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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West flee to a ‘secluded resort’ in an ‘attempt to save their marriage’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly “fled” to a secluded resort in the Caribbean, in a last ditch “attempt to have their marriage”.

The getaway comes following a series of very public drama, which saw Kanye reveal intimate details of the couple’s relationship in sprawling twitter rants and tearful appearances.

Sources told TMZ that the couple and their four children are staying in a “fortress”, “an estate that is so remote it’s virtually impossible for trespassers to get close.”


The couple, who have been living separately amid growing tensions, reunited over the weekend at their Wyoming Ranch.

The Daily Mail described the reunion as  “emotional”.

The Caribbean trip is being seen as a means through which the couple can reconnect and rebuild their relationship.

A source told The Sun: “Kim and Kanye’s trip isn’t a romantic holiday. It’s more of a chance for them to reconnect away from the chaos of Wyoming, the hangers on who surround Kanye and the audience of their entourage.”

Kim and Kanye tied the knot in 2014

The Sun also reports that Kim is keen to fly in Rich Wilkerson Jnr, the pastor who married the couple in 2014, as he is someone who Kanye trusts:

“He’s been a constant in Kim and Kanye’s lives and he’s a friend of the family. Kim is hoping an intervention will help Kanye.”

Concerns had been raised for the rappers mental health after a bizzare and emotional appearance at his first presidential campaign rally last month, and a series of since deleted Twitter rants targeted at his wife and her family.

In statement posted to her Instagram account late last month Kim attributed the outbursts to Kanye’s bipolar disorder diagnosis.


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