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Elon Musk details his ‘brutal’ relationship with Amber Heard in new biography

Elon Musk has detailed his relationship with Amber Heard in his new biography from Walter Isaacson.

The Tesla founder dated the actress on-and-off for about a year, following her nasty split from Johnny Depp in May 2016.

In the book, Elon described his romance with Amber as “brutal”, and admitted he’s a “fool for love”.

The book detailed their early romance, including the time Amber flew to the Tesla factory in California to surprise him on his birthday.

It also noted that Amber once spent “two months designing and commissioning a head-to-toe costume so she could role-play” for Elon after he told her that she reminded him of his favorite video game character, Mercy from Overwatch.

Despite this, the book quotes several members of Elon’s inner circle who weren’t big fans of their relationship.

Amber and Elon dated on-and-off for a year

Elon’s brother Kimbal Musk described Amber as “toxic” and “a nightmare” in the biography.

He also said Elon tends to fall for people who are “beautiful, no question, but they have a very dark side.”

Elon and Amber called it quits for good in 2017.

After their breakup, Elon recalled enduring “18 months of unrelenting insanity” that was “mind-bogglingly painful.”

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Despite their split, the former couple have remained on good terms.

In the biography, Amber is quoted saying: “I love him very much. Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him.”

Last year, he also shared his support for Amber amid her defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

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Amber confirmed her split from Elon in August 2017, three months after going public with their romance.

At the time, she wrote on Instagram: “Being in the public eye means having to explain yourself to so many people, so much of the time.”

“In this case, I’d like to remain more quiet. Although we have broken up, Elon and I care deeply for one another and remain close,” she explained.

“Thank you for the continued support, respect, and privacy during these difficult, very human times.”


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