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Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron ‘keeping relationship secret’ to avoid disrupting ‘child custody situation’

Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron are reportedly keeping their relationship “secret” to avoid disrupting the actor’s “child custody situation” with Angelina Jolie.

The father-of-six and his ex-wife reportedly came to a custody agreement in November, after it was reported that Angelina wanted full custody of their children, while her ex wanted shared custody.

Just last week rumours emerged that Brad and actress, Charlize Theron, were dating and a source later denied the claims and told People that they “were never dating.”


The Irish Sun has since reported that Brad’s ex-bodyguard has confirmed the romance rumours, as he allegedly told the publication: “At the minimum, they’re friends with benefits.”

Nicky Nelson/

“I spoke to Charlize about four months ago and she told me Sean Penn had introduced them,” he added.

“I know as a fact they’ve been together for the last four months. I’ve seen them once myself together. They’re definitely dating but they’re keeping it secret until they work out whether it’s going to be long-term.”

The former bodyguard added that the celebs are trying to keep their relationship secret, as they do not want to upset Angelina: “Everything Brad does is vetted through how it’s going to affect his relationship with Angelina.”

“Because if he p***es her off, it’s going to f*** up their child custody situation.”


Charlize and Brad are said to have met around six months ago, when they were shooting an advert for watch brand, Breitling, in late 2018.

The actress reportedly has a “long-running feud” with Angelina over film roles, as a source previously told Radar Online that their dislike for each other “just won’t stop.”


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