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Anne Hathaway opens up about her ‘history with rage’

The actress has opened up about her old ways

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Anne Hathaway has candidly talked about her history with rage.

The Oceans 8 star opened up to Glamour Magazine about her past “bitch ways”.

Anne said how “I have a history with rage… I used to do this thing where I was like, ‘I’m nice 29 days out of 30, and then I give myself complete permission to be a bitch to anyone, about anything.'”

“I realised that if I could actually move away from the judgment and deal with my emotions in the moment, I didn’t actually need the extra day. Rage doesn’t lead you to a place of peace. And for me the goal is not happiness. The goal is peace.”


The actress has been subject to online trolls for the past five years which spurred from her Oscar acceptance speech, which led to the hashtag #HathaHate and the spawning of a group of cyber haters.

Her acceptance speech caused many people to say how the actress came off too earnest and self-absorbed. Following her win, some expressed their disdain for previous comments she made about playing Fantine in Les Mis, where she spoke about having to lose weight for the role and crying while watching her own performance.

Now the actress has addressed her haters, saying how she doesn’t care if people like her because she likes herself. “I’m interested in living a very honest life. I don’t know if that makes me a boring person. I don’t really care if it does,” she remarked.

The actress’s new film ‘Oceans 8’ hits theatres in June.