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Doctor recommended cramp-relieving stretches if you have bad period pain

When we’re suffering from bad period cramps, all we want to do is curl up in a ball with a hot water bottle on our stomach.

However, there are also some very effective stretches you can do to help relieve the pain.

Pelvic floor therapist Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, or @scrambledjam on TikTok, has shared her top recommended stretches for cramp relief.

So the next time you’re suffering with period pain, take out your yoga mat and try out these simple but effective stretches:

Child’s pose

Child’s pose is a position that yoga fans should already be familiar with.

This position stretches your thighs, hips and ankles and helps relax the body and mind.

Once in the position stay in it for a minute, Dr. Alicia says: “Inhale for five seconds letting [the] lower abdomen inflate like you’ve swallowed a beach ball. Exhale for five to seven seconds.”


The pigeon pose helps stretch your hips and lower back, and it can also alleviate mental stress or worry.

When performed correctly, it may increase flexibility of the hip flexors and lower back muscles while also supporting digestion.

Cat/Cow rotations

Cat-Cow, or Chakravakasana, is a yoga pose used to improve posture and balance.

The pose ideal for those with period cramps or back pain.

The benefits of this pose’s synchronized breath movement will also help you relax and ease some of the day’s stress.

Legs up the wall

This pose helps relieve tired legs and feet. It also gently stretches your hamstrings and back of the neck, while also helping ease mild backache.

Just laying there with your legs against the wall will calm the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety.

Watch Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas go through each pose below:

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