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EXCLUSIVE! Lenny Abrahamson reveals "a lot of opportunities" are coming his way since Room


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Lenny Abrahamson has revealed that “a lot of opportunities” have come his way since the success of his four time Oscar-nominated flick Room was released.

Speaking at the Oscar Wilde Awards last night in LA, which celebrates Irish and honorary Irish talent in the US, Lenny admitted that even before the film received four Academy Award nominations – the offers were pouring in.

“Definitely lots of stuff is there, and that’s been even before the nomination just with the buzz around the film and people in the States particularly liking it within the industry,” he told Goss.ie.

Irish Premiere of Room

Big time: The success of Room has enhanced Lenny’s career as a director worldwide | VIPIRELAND.COM

While the Dubliner revealed that he has been receiving plenty of offers for new film projects, he’s always going to be selective about what he chooses to work on.

“Yeah there are a lot of opportunities, quite exciting things, which I of course have to decide are they things for me,” he admitted.

“I don’t think you should just jump on something because its big and shiny and there, you know it has to mean something to me. So, I’ll always do what I want to do.”

The director also revealed to Goss.ie that he has another book-to-film adaptation in the pipeline, and he doesn’t believe he would have landed the rights to this particular book had Room not been so successful.

Irish Film Board launch 2016

Exciting times: Lenny already has plenty of exciting film projects in the pipeline | VIPIRELAND.COM

“There are things that we’re developing, which have come recently and not so recently that I’m really excited about,” he said.

“There’s a book called A Man’s World by Don McRae, he’s a brilliant British sports writer, about a boxer called Emile Griffith who boxed in the late 50’s/early 60’s who was a gay world champion boxer when it was still illegal in the states to, you know, have that life.

“And I don’t think we would have got that book had Room not been in the world, and now that we have it and a lot of people are excited about it – I’m very keen to make that movie,” he added.

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