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Kevin Hart: 'Irish gyms look like strip clubs'


Kevin Hart has revealed that he thinks Irish gyms look like strip clubs from his experience working out in a Dublin gym.

The actor, who spoke at a live Q&A at Dublin’s Google headquarters alongside his Ride Along 2 co-star Ice Cube, said that the decor of the gym he visited was little risqué.

“I don’t know if that used to be a strip club or what. I walked in and I was like, uh, something ain’t right in here man,” he said.

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Honoured: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube also picked up an award at Trinity College | BRIAN MCEVOY

“Like the lights were dim, there was red carpet, there were like castle chairs in the corner – and I’m working out and I’m like, something used to go down in here.”

The funny duo were clearly happy to be in our Irish capital as they both shouted “We’re in the D!” as they took to the stage at the event.

Host of the event Baz Ashmawy was clearly a big fan of the acting pair as he described rapper and actor Ice Cube as “someone I would sleep with… if I didn’t dislike stubble and penis.”

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube were also in Dublin to receive a special honour in Trinity College. 

Check out the full stream of the Q&A below:

Ride Along 2 is available to watch in Irish cinemas from today, January 22.