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George Hook has revealed a horrible piece of hate mail

George Hook has officially had enough of the haters, admitting he takes hate mail to heart.

The Newstalk presenter has had his fair share of criticism in the past, but now it appears to have gone too far as George says that the hate mail ‘gets to him’ no matter how “mentally stable” he is.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote “More hate mail today. ‘Stay in bed you freak, you are a disgrace. A complete babbling imbecile. Stay at home and play with your soldiers.'”


Disgusting: George shared a pic of the harsh hate mail | TWITTER

Sharing a picture of the disgusting mail on Twitter, he captioned it with,”No matter how mentally strong I think I am, hate mail like this gets to me.”

Fans of George quickly defended the broadcaster and told him to ignore the abusive mail, while George assured that the letters of hate won’t stop him from doing his job presenting The Right Hook on Newstalk.

“I am on the air now with The Right Hook – I will not allow letters of hate deter me from broadcasting,” he tweeted.


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