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Love Island axes lie detector challenge ahead of 2019 series

There will be no lie detector challenge on the upcoming season


Love Island has done away with the lie detector challenge for the upcoming season of contestants.

The banishment of the popular but always trouble making challenge comes amidst a series of changes being made to the show to ensure the well being of contestants.

The decision comes just two weeks after Steve Dymond took his own life after failing a polygraph test on The Jeremy Kyle Show. The daytime show has since been cancelled.


An ITV source told The Irish Sun: “A series of top-level meetings have been held over the past few weeks with regard to safety measures and duty of care procedures.”

“One of the issues raised was the lie detector.”

Every year, Love Island contestants are wired up to a polygraph test, and challenged to answer questions from their island partner.


“The feeling was, in the wake of the Jeremy Kyle case, bosses must be whiter than white — they cannot mess with people’s emotions.”

“The test they used last year was very basic — one not approved by the British Polygraph Association,” the source claimed to the paper.

“While nothing is set in stone and ideas change on an almost daily basis, at the moment there are no plans to bring the polygraphs back.”

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