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Irish influencer’s Instagram account DELETED due to hacking

Every influencer's worst nightmare!

Credit: Tofros.com via Pexels

Irish influencer Claudine Kehoe has been forced to start a new Instagram account following the hacking of her original account.

The sister of Ashley and Emma Kehoe fell victim to hacking last week which saw her entire account deleted by some “lowlife”.

She hasn’t given up hope of retrieving the account yet but has begun a new account in case it proves impossible to restore her original profile. Since beginning the new account yesterday and receiving shoutouts from friends and family about the incident she has amassed nearly 8,000 followers.

She captioned the first post on her new account, “So my account seem to be hacked and deleted last week by some lowlife 🤷🏼‍♀️ What and absolute pain in the A** but I suppose there would be a lot more worse things that could happen to me in life 😇”

“So getting a new one up and running 🙋🏼‍♀️ still living in hope the old one will be back to be soon 🙏🏻🤩” she finished.

She took to the stories function on new account to thank everyone who followed her over to her new account as she attempts to rebuild her online following.

We’re changing our passwords immediately to avoid this nightmare!