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Conor McGregor is going head to head with MAC Cosmetics

The MMA fighter is facing a legal battle over a trademarking issue.


Conor McGregor is facing legal trademarking issues with major cosmetic brand MAC.

The MMA fighter proposed the motion to trademark some of his phrases and solidify his personal brand.

Conor is trying to trademark the phrase “Mystic Mac”, the nickname he got while predicting the outcomes of his matches.

He tried to file this name for trademark shortly after his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Mac Cosmetics have opposed the motion as they are afraid consumers will mix up their brands if Conor were to ever release a line of men’s toiletries.

German brand Mac Jeans, have also opposed the motion as they are concerned the names would be confused if Conor were to venture into the clothing industry.

Conor McGregor has filed to trademark another term, “Champ Champ” which he used after retaining two world belts in different weight categories.


The well-known sports brand Champion Sports have sought to oppose this trademark.

A further opposition came from Swiss retailing brand Migros when Conor tried to trademark the phrase “I am boxing”, as Migros already has a campaign using the term “I am”.