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WATCH: Margot Robbie reveals she ‘used to be a brat’ in hilarious story

The actress appeared on Graham Norton over the weekend


Margot Robbie revealed on Graham Norton over the weekend that she used to be a “brat”.

Graham jokingly started off the interview with, “Margot I don’t know if you were a terrible child, but do you know the story I’m talking about when you don’t win any awards for being the best daughter?”

Margot replied, “There are many stories where I do not win, I was not a great daughter. I am forever in my mother’s debt because I was such a brat.”

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Graham asked Margot to “tell the story of when she was on the computer and her mother needed some help.”

A giggling Margot went on to say, “I was on MSN, obviously the most important thing at the time, we lived out in the sticks and often snakes would get in to the house.”

“It wasn’t a big deal but you had to chase them around to get them out. My mother yelled out, ‘can you come and help me, this snake is really big and i need your help with it’.

Margot reveals she said, “‘No, Mum, I’m busy just like be gone’, and then she was gone for like ten minutes so I got up from my computer and I could hear this mmm noise.”

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At this stage, the audience are in fits of giggles with the story as Margot reveals the snake had actually crawled up around her mothers arm and neck when her mother had tried to pick the python up.

“It had wound up around her arm and up her neck. It wasn’t a poisonous snake but they do strangle you!”

Explaining how she plied the python away from her Mothers neck, Margot said, “I just gave it something else to crawl down onto like a stick.”

Take a look at the hilarious video:

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