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Matthew Perry’s illness was ‘very serious’ following emergency surgery

The actor's fans expressed their worry for him on social media

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Matthew Perry’s illness was “very serious” following his emergency surgery.

The actor recently told fans that he was in hospital for three months, after it was revealed that he was rushed in for emergency surgery several months ago.

Although the 49-year-old did not elaborate on his current condition, a source told People that it was “very serious.”

“Matthew was very sick when he was hospitalised; his condition was very serious. A gastrointestinal surgery is very complex, and the healing can be complicated,” the source said.

The actor suffered from gastrointestinal perforation, which occurs when a small hole is created in the stomach, large bowel or small intestine.

There were reportedly complications during Matthew’s surgery and he also underwent a tracheostomy, which is when a hole is created in the neck so that doctors can access the throat.

The source said that the actor is doing well and is “going home finally.”

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Matthew has been very open about his struggles with substance abuse over the years, but he is now sober and has been for five years.