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Love/Hate's Aoibhinn McGinnity: 'January is going to be s***, so we might as well enjoy Christmas'

Aoibhinn McGinnity has revealed she’ll be shying away from the parties this Holiday season to spend time at home, and she’s not looking forward to January.

Speaking to, the actress admitted she’s embracing the festive season.

“I love Christmas and you know it’s the first year where I’m like ah yeah,whatever because you know people are giving out about it coming to early, just embrace it,” she said.

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Homebird: Aoibhinn plans to spend Christmas at home | STELLAR

“I’m so happy about it because I mean January is going to s**t anyways so we may as well just enjoy it, I know it’s a bit early but it’s grand,” she told 

The Monaghan native  has had a busy year filming her new series Quarry in the U.S but Aoibhinn insists she’s ‘always at home for Christmas’.

The brunette beauty has revealed she’s happy to ditch the festive parties and stay at home this New Year’s Eve.

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Stateside: Aoibhinn plans to return to the US | ANTHONY WOODS

“I’ll probably home, I always play New Years by ear, there’s always talk of certain groups of friends.

“Different ones going away or whatever and you know play it by ear but I’m really happy to just chill,”  she added.

The Love/Hate star has revealed she is planning to return to the US once her new HBO series has aired.

“Once it’s aired I’m going to go over, back to that and sort of just see what else is happening,” she said.


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