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Stacey Soloman admits she’s been ‘beating herself up’ following a bad week

Stacey Soloman has admitted to “beating herself up” after experiencing a tough week.

The 30-year-old opened up on her Instagram story on Thursday, where she candidly revealed she hadn’t been feeling herself this week.

“The storm is here,” she wrote, “I really love a good storm. It just feels like everything can start a fresh and once it’s passed it will all be ok.”

The mother-of-three continued: “I’ve really felt a bit lost this week. Just a bit ‘meh’ if that’s the word and I haven’t been saying the nicest things to myself.”

“So I just want you to know. If you haven’t been feeling yourself. If you’ve been questioning yourself, beating yourself up over silly things or just feeling a bit lost and alone… you’re not.”

“You’re doing so well every single day and just like this storm, this ‘meh’ phase will pass. I promise,” she added before signing off with: “Goodnight. Love you lots. Tomorrow is a fresh new day.”


Stacey previously encouraged her followers to take a break from social media during lockdown to look after their mental health.

“Good morning everyone,” she wrote, “Last Saturday I put my phone in a drawer for the day, turned off the news and it was so good for my mental health, so I’m going to do the same today.”

“Tag a friend who needs a day away from social media and the news… I nominate @mrshinchhome, we FaceTime every day and I know you could do with the day away. Sending you all loads and loads of love.”


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