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Piers Morgan hits out at Ariana Grande’s fans for ‘trolling’ him online

The presenter has slammed fans of the singer for stating that 'he isn't always right'


Piers Morgan has hit out at Ariana Grande’s fans for ‘trolling’ him online.

The television presenter initially sparked outrage amongst fans of Little Mix, when he claimed their nude photo was “photoshopped”, but brought Ariana Grande into the mix when her mother shamed him online for his comments about the girlband.

On this morning’s episode of Good Morning Britain, the 53-year-old hit out at the foursome again and also claimed that he was trolled by Ariana’s fans.


“We did a poll last week asking whether Piers is always right,” Susanna Reid said on the show.

“It got hijacked by anti-Piers-ists. All the Ariana Grande fans got hold of it,” Piers interjected.

“Blimey, you had a go at Little Mix and the Little Mixers came at you in their droves,” Susanna continued.

Her co-host then added that he had fans of Little Mix, Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres against him on social media, as he said: “Well one of them called me a silly [dweep] and Ariana Grande’s mum piped up on Twitter whacking me, then Ariana Grande piles in to me, then Ellen DeGeneres piles in to me. They’re all piling in to me.”


“They won’t be on Life Stories I’m afraid because they’re not big enough,” Piers finished, as he hit out at the girlband once again before the end of the segment.