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Paul O’Grady stands up to homophobic passenger on plane journey with husband

Paul O’Grady stood up to a homophobic passenger on a plane journey with his husband, Andre Portasio.

The 63-year-old was travelling from Bangkok to London when an aggressive passenger made homophobic comments towards his husband.

The passenger called Andre a “f**king queer” and mocked him with disgusting sexual comments.

“I stood up and said, ‘You’re lucky we’re not in the street, mate, because you’d be eating your dinner through a straw,'” Paul told The Sun.

“He didn’t know I was sitting next to Andre. Then the bonehead was saying something about me thinking I could do whatever I wanted because I was famous,” he continued.

The man claimed that Andre was looking at him, which Paul said was completely crazy as “he was this typical English yob with a beard and a beer belly.”

The presenter, who was flying business class, stated that the cabin crew removed the man from the area immediately.



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