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Olly Murs reveals he’s ‘fuming’ after fake accounts scammed fans out of money

Someone has been impersonating the singer online


Olly Murs has revealed he’s “fuming”, after fake accounts scammed his fans out of money.

The 36-year-old admitted he was “really upset” after finding out someone has been impersonating him online – and asking fans for cash.

In a video posted on Instagram, Olly said: “I am angry, I’m really really upset. Some charities have been scammed recently by people using fake accounts. I’m fuming.”

“Please if you see anyone message you using my name, with a 5378 or OllyMurs2522, whatever it is… it’s not me, ok, my accounts on all social media are verified, that is the only account that I have, that I’m me.”


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“So please ignore any other messages from anyone. I’m really upset for the charities. I know right now with everything that’s happening, that money is needed.”

“So I’m going to donate to them guys for what’s happened, I’m just really really gutted for all you guys that thought it was me, please it’s not.

“Ok ignore the fake accounts, stay safe online,” he added.

Olly captioned the post: “So angry.. ???????? Please remember my social media accounts are Verified for a reason to stop these issues / problems. Please BLOCK / IGNORE or report any FAKE accounts pretending to be me in the future ???????????????? Stay safe x.”