Love Island star Laura Anderson warns fans about pickpockets – after being mugged in Barcelona

The reality star recalled the 'horrible' incident on her Instagram Story


Laura Anderson has warned fans to watch out for pickpockets, after being mugged in Barcelona.

The Love Island star and her boyfriend Tom Brazier are currently on holiday in Barcelona, and were targeted by thugs on their first night out.

Detailing the scary incident on her Instagram Story, Laura said: “Hey guys so obviously, you know I am in Barcelona but last night was really horrible.”

“Me and Tom went for dinner then decided to walk a little bit, try get a photo and basically got mugged.”


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“Nothing like this has ever happened to me before even when I worked for Emirates, travelling myself and stuff and Tom is pretty big,” she continued.

“You know when you’ve just got a gut feeling? These two guys were just watching us and then I kept saying to Tom and he was like ‘it’s fine it’s fine’.”

“Then we hailed a cab to come home and Tom opened the door for me and was like in you go, and I was like no it’s fine I’ll go round the other side which I’m glad I did…”

“And when Tom went to get in the car, the guy came out of no where and like pushed him – and then I think Tom pushed him because he was coming at him trying to get his watch off his arm.”


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Laura explained: “So I just ran round the back of the cab and was like ‘F*** off!’ and whacked him on the shoulder with my phone, which he could have taken, and they scuffled off.”

“It was just horrible and Tom was like get back in the car and we drove off.”

“I didn’t know where his friend was, I didn’t know if he was gonna come from behind me or if he had any weapons, you just don’t know – just for a watch!”


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Laura added: “So I just wanted to say if anyone goes to Barcelona or anywhere in Europe, the pickpockets are just rife, but to be actually physically – Tom doesn’t think he was attacked because he’s very brave – but the guy did attack him, and yeah and I think we both reacted pretty well and it was fine.”

Laura later shared a photo of a cut on her knuckle, and wrote: “Just realised my wee cut from last night. Call me Rambo.”

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