Home UK Showbiz Liam Payne has moved on with an 18-year-old, after Cheryl split

Liam Payne has moved on with an 18-year-old, after Cheryl split

The singer is seeing an Instagram model


Liam Payne has moved on from Cheryl Tweedy, now dating an 18-year-old Instagram model.

The One Direction star has started seeing Maya Henry, who is 17 years Cheryl’s junior.

The UK Sun are reporting that Liam met Maya at an exclusive Dolce & Gabanna event in Italy, just six weeks after he split from the mother of his child, Bear.

Liam, 24, was snapped with the brunette beauty during a D&G dinner in Lake Como.

The publication reports the pair were then spotted “partying together aboard a pal’s luxury yacht in Cannes”.

Ironically, the pair had first met three years ago, when Maya was 15, when she attended a One Direction meet and greet.

But Liam reportedly did not recognise her when he met her at the D&G party.



“Liam and Maya get on well — and she’s a stunning girl,” a source told the publication.

“They have kissed a couple of times, but he is in no rush to date again and certainly isn’t ready for a serious relationship.

“Liam is simply focusing on work at the moment, and above all else obviously his main priority is Bear”.

Maya comes from a millionaire family, with her father Thomas is a “multi-millionaire Texan lawyer”.

The brunette also has more than 80,000 Instagram followers, and her own YouTube reality show.

While Liam has clearly moved on, Cheryl recently denied she was seeing an Irish businessman.