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Jeremy McConnell takes responsibility for attacking Stephanie Davis on Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy McConnell has appeared on an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show were he discussed his toxic relationship with ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis.

Jeremy spoke about his drug use, his time in prison and son Caben, who he shares with his ex Stephanie Davis.

When the host asked Jeremy had he been violent towards women he replied “I have been”.

He spoke about is relationship with Stephanie.

“The relationship wasn’t healthy from the get go. I had infidelity issues, I’m not coming on to slag her off. I try and remain dignified.”

“I’d never pretended to be someone different. I’ve always been responsible for my actions. I’ve been open about my addictions”.


Jeremy appeared in court for throwing Steph around like ‘a rag doll’.

He was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison at Cardiff Magistrates after he skipped his community service to get a hair and beard transplant in Turkey.

Speaking about his son Caben, who he has not seen in eight months, Jeremy broke down crying sharing “I can’t go through the correct channels to see my son.”

“That’s the link to my mum and dad. My mum and dad. I’m not a bad person. If anyone saw me they would say I’m a genuine bloke”.

Jeremy also shared that his late parents would be ashamed of him.

“They would be disgusted, I’ve always put on a front. My dad brought me up as an athlete.”

“I played semi-professional football and then went into the modelling side of things… Women… Drugs”.

Jeremy is now looking to have a fresh start adding,

“I haven’t done drugs since I left prison, but I am drinking. I drank heavily when I left prison, the best way to do it is get out of this game.”

Despite being in the middle of a TV interview he stated that his career on the platform ws over.

“I know my career is over on TV no one is going to touch me with a ten foot pole. I’ve been tarnished”.

“There’s a bad boy image and then there’s a front that you could put on. I’m hurting myself and Caben. He’s going to look at this one day”.

The episode is set to air this week.

Life goes on for domestic abuse victim Stephanie Davis. She has ignored his upcoming show, sharing a tweet to her followers telling them what she’s up to.

She has stirred controversy twice recently for boasting Chris Brown to be one of her favourite artists and Paul Gascoigne to be an inspiration. Both are convicted woman beaters.


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