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Harry Redknapp sparks online backlash after making comments about Emily Atack’s looks

Harry Redknapp has sparked online backlash after making comments about Emily Atack’s looks.

The recently crowned, King of the Jungle, made some controversial comments about his fellow campmate’s appearance this morning after Emily publicly asked his son, Jamie Redknapp, to ‘call’ her.

During his appearance on Good Morning Britain, the former football manager said: “I’ll be honest when I saw her in the jungle I thought ‘no chance’. But when I seen her all scrubbed up today I thought she’s very beautiful.”


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Celebrity Cyclone DREAM TEAM. Come on Emily!!!

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“I saw her in the jungle and I thought she hasn’t got a prayer! Today she looked fantastic.”

“‘I went, “Who are you?” and she said, “I was in the jungle with you”. And, “I said I don’t even recognise you,'” he continued.

Emily later appeared on Lorraine and also jokingly made comments about her own appearance influencing whether or not Jamie would go out with her: “I am sure if he had seen me in action over the last few weeks he might not be up for it. But I’ve got my make up on now, so he might be!”

Following their appearances, fans hit out at Harry for making comments about the actress’ looks, as one tweeted: “I honestly find it disgusting that Harry Redknapp said on GMB that Emily Atack had no chance with his son Jamie because of what she looked like without makeup, but now he’s seen her with it on she looks “useful””.

“I liked Harry up until he pretty much said that he thought Emily didn’t have a chance with his son until he saw her with makeup on. She’s stunning with or without,” another viewer commented.

“Harry Redknapp’s comments about Emily’s chances with his son based on her looks with/without makeup have made me reassess my liking of him. Not a very nice thing to say about someone who’s supposed to be a friend either,” a fan tweeted.

While Emily also joked about her appearance without makeup, fans have called Harry a ‘bad friend’ for commenting about her looks in the first place.


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