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Chris Taylor slams ‘keyboard warriors’ in hilarious video – after splitting from Maura Higgins

Chris Taylor has slammed “keyboard warriors” in a hilarious video, after splitting from Maura Higgins

The Love Island star took to Instagram to share the funny video, which also features his pal Michael Griffiths.

In the clip, the 30-year-old reacts to a faux hate comment, which says: “Your a ugly k***.”

The clip shows Chris crying in the shower while eating a pastry, alongside the caption: “How trolls think I react…”

The clip then cuts to him and Michael in the car, sniggering at a hate comment before they burst into dance while singing Me Too by Meghan Trainor.

He captioned the new clip: “How I actually react…”

Chris captioned the post: “We all deal with things differently…😅”

“Obvs I’m taking the p!ss but on a slightly more serious note, if YOU ARE (not your) one of the keyboard warriors of the world w@nking into bags of twiglets and abusing people from the safety of your bedroom…trust me, you’re only hurting yourself.”

“Best of luck for the future, I hope you have a really happy life 😘 PS. Buzzing for the backlash on this one 😂.”

The news comes after Chris recently announced his split from Maura Higgins, seven months after they confirmed their romance.

In a statement posted on Instagram, the 30-year-old told fans: “After some very heartfelt conversations over the past few days, myself and Maura are very sad to announce that we have decided to part ways.”

“We are both still on very good terms and this was a mutual decision where nobody had done anything wrong.”

“We will remain friends, as we have been since day 1 and I will always be in Maura’s corner and have her back.”

“We are both going through a very tough time with this atm, so please take any speculation with a metric tonne of salt, cos this is the only truth (and as always, trolls can kindly f*** off).”

“Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given us, it’s truly been appreciated,” he added.


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